Security Affairs newsletter Round 164 – News of the week

Security Affairs newsletter Round 164 – News of the week

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·      Experts propose a new variation of the Spectre attack to recover data from System Management Mode
·      Misconfigured CalAmp server allowed hacker to take over a lot of vehicles
·      Google awarded a young expert a total of $36,337 for an RCE in the Google App Engine
·      Hacked Drupal sites involved in mining campaigns, RATs distributions, scams
·      Internet Systems Consortium rolled out security updates to address 2 flaws in BIND DNS Software
·      Judges convict crook of operating Scan4You Counter Antivirus Service
·      Roaming Mantis gang evolves and broadens its operations
·      North Korea-linked Sun Team APT group targets deflectors with Android Malware
·      Tech giants are all working on new Spectre and Meltdown attacks, so-called variant 3 and variant 4
·      The ZipperDown Vulnerability could affect roughly 10% of iOS Apps
·      TheMoon botnet is now leveraging a zero-day to target GPON routers
·      Chinese researchers from Tencent discovered exploitable flaws in several BMW models
·      Experts warn: it is too easy to steal WiFi access key from TalkTalk ‘s Super Routers
·      Huge Russia-Linked botnet VPNFilter ready to launch a massive attack on Ukraine
·      Turla APT group leverages for the first time the Metasploit framework for the Mosquito campaign
·      Bitcoin Gold hit by double-spend attack, exchanges lose over $18 million
·      Justice Department announces actions to disrupt the VPNFilter botnet
·      Kaspersky discovered a backdoor account and other issues in D-Link DIR-620 Routers
·      Many users reported in the past few weeks their Macs have been infected with a new Monero Miner
·      Xenotime, Threat actors Behind Triton Malware broadens its activities
·      Electron Windows Protocol Handler MITM/RCE (bypass for CVE-2018-1000006 fix)
·      More than 100 Million IoT devices potentially exposed to Z-Shave Z-Wave attack
·      Russian speaking hacker arrested for stealing $8,000 per day leveraging mobile malware
·      CVE-2018-7783 flaw in Schneider SoMachine Basic can be exploited to read arbitrary files on the targeted system
·      Experts show how to defeat AMDs Secure Encrypted Virtualization
·      Pre-installed malware found in 141 low-cost Android devices in over 90 countries

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