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The best news of the week with Security Affairs.

·      FICO reports a 39 Percent Rise in Debit Cards Compromised in US
·      Google removed almost 300 Android apps involved in DDoS attack
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·      US Government website was hosting a JavaScript downloader delivering Cerber ransomware
·      Chinese cyber security law will allow China to use zero-day knowledge for its intelligence
·      CynoSure Prime ‘cracktivists exposed 320 Million hashed passwords
·      Taringa Data Breach, over 28 Million users affected
·      Thousands resumes of US military and intel contractors left unsecured on an Amazon server
·      Experts discover a new sophisticated malware dubbed xRAT tied to mRAT threat
·      Other 26,000 MongoDB servers hit in a new wave of ransom attacks
·      UK Government is hiring cyber experts for Dark Web investigations
·      Another unsecured AWS S3 bucket exposed 4 million Time Warner Cable subscriber records
·      Boffins found multiple flaws in Mobile Bootloaders using custom tool BootStomp
·      ShadowBrokers are back demanding nearly $4m and offering 2 dumps per month
·      Struts CVE-2017-9805 RCE flaw could be exploited to take over vulnerable servers
·      Dragonfly 2.0: the sophisticated attack group is back with destructive purposes
·      Experts spotted a 2007 variant of Babar, the spyware allegedly used by French Intelligence
·      WikiLeaks revealed Project Protego, a secret CIA Missile Control System Project for fighters
·      DolphinAttack – Hackers control Siri, Google Now, Alexa voice assistants with ultrasound
·      Equifax data breach could impact 143 million US consumers
·      Hacker Interview – Jonturk 75 – JRB
·      PC-Wahl software used in Germany for vote counting lack of security
·      Experts observed the active exploitation of the CVE-2017-9805 Struts vulnerability
·      Member of the ‘Crackas With Attitude who hacked US intel officials has been sentenced to 5 years in jail
·      Microsoft confirmed it wont fix kernel issue that could be exploited to evade antivirus

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source : Security Affairs September 10, 2017 at 12:15PM