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An open source messaging system that helps you protect your privacy.

  • Gather your private messages from all your usual services.
  • Oversee all of your messages and contacts privacy.
  • Get better at protecting your correspondance at your own pace.

For your messages to… stay yours.

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What to expect from this Alpha release?

This release is just for testing and does not provides all expected features, as a lot of things are going to change from this Alpha to the final version. Here are the available features:

  • Send and receive messages from an email.
  • Compute a privacy index for all incoming messages.
  • Compute a privacy index for all contacts.
  • Contact book.

What’s next?

What’s expected in next releases?

Our goal with this release is to gather as many feedbacks as possible to improve Caliopen. But we also have a lot of new features in the pipeline ! Here is what is planned in the short-term:

  • Gathering of your messages from all of your favorites platforms.
  • Keywords handling for all messages and contacts.
  • Computing the privacy index of all your devices.
  • Easy encryption and decryption of your messages.
  • Whole new user interface.
  • Intuitive search.
  • Customized views.


Previsional schedule

Tell us everything!

An awful bug, a badly designed feature, any problem, question or suggestion?

The purpose of an alpha release is for you to check our work and share any issue with the team. We need you to give us your feelings, whatever they are.

For an opinion, a suggestion or a bug, you can relay it on Discourse , if it’s a bug and you know github, feel free to create an issue or open a pull request.

source : Request your Caliopen alpha invite August 13, 2018 at 07:22PM